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Chronicles of the Mongoose Prince


24 April 1989
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Bio updated 6/18/10
Alrighty! Greetings! They call me Mangusu. They call me plenty of other things too. I am definitely a fur.

in fact.
(So far there have been no objections)

I've come to enjoy posting in my journal often, I tend to have bad memory and use this as a device to hold all the wonderful and maybe even troubling experiences/ponderings which come to mind. Feel free to add me if you want to read the somewhat unorganized posts I have to offer, I'll probably add you back right away.
Some basic aspects as to what kind of person I am: I love the music I listen to and I love to dance to it, I have created Cosplays and Fursuits and do enjoy performing in them as well as just interesting outfits, I am a 21yearoldcollegestudent, I do draw from time to time you can check my FA (open for commissions), Bjork is my #1 role model so I might mention her often. As well as other people I am great fans of.
I promise that you'll learn quite a bit about me by reading this journal which is usually updated once a Week.

And Heres a most recent picture so you can imagine the face who is spitting out this silly information of nonsense.